Apron Top #3


Apron top made with organic cotton poplin.
Top fabric is bundle dyed with various natural dyes. Natural dyes used - logwood extract, madder, quebracho, onion skins, eucalyptus and various flower petals. Pre dyed with Avocado stones/skins. Treated in Alum mordant.
Lining is tie dyed with natural indigo.

One size - with button adjustments on back. Can fit UK Size 8 to 14/16.
Button made from Tagua nut known as vegetable ivory, a sustainable and renewable source.

Hand made and hand dyed in London.

Care Instructions:
Due to the nature of the process we advise that you warm wash this item by hand or on a 30 degree C delicate cycle with a pH balanced detergent. Air dry and iron on a low/medium setting. Do not wash with other garments. We recommend keeping this garment out of direct sunlight when storing.